New to Focusing?

Even if you’re relatively new to Focusing, we’d love to have you join us!

What we DO ask is that you have some experience as a Focusing-oriented Listening Companion, since our primary goal is to continue developing our community of Midwest Focusers.

With a variety of virtual workshops, courses and Changes Groups available, learning Focusing is now easier than ever! The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) offers a listing of courses and events from which to choose.

Here are a couple of pathways to get you started on your learning journey:

Please note: Reading a book or attending a lecture or presentation offers a GREAT introduction to Focusing, but will not give you the experience needed to feel comfortable as a Focusing companion–for yourself AND for others.

The deep joy, satisfaction and often life-changing growth derived from experiential Focusing will live with you forever.

Please jump in! It’s definitely worth it!

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